Founded September 15th, 2017 AlgoteK has been hard at work developing a new replacement for plastics. All members met at the University of Oregon during a week long entrepreneurial bootcamp called the Sustainable Invention Immersion Week. Towards the end of the week the new team created a small water soluble, edible algae ball filled with air to help combat packaging waste.

Taking second place in the competition, AlgoteK decided to further develop their product, creating an algae based plastic film that can be dissolved in water. The following year, AlgoteK was featured in the Daily Emerald and participated in multiple pitch competitions; TCU Values and Ventures, Clean Tech Challenge, Venture Well, Tech Fest NW, and Invent OR.

AlgoteK is highly dedicated to creating 100% sustainable products. There is a going to be a large shift in plastics within the next year and Algotek will be there to supply consumers with a safe solution.